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Mod Post/Character Entrances

Hello all! Katie here to let you all know we'll be starting the game tomorrow at 12AM (EST). Just an hour and a half to go!

In the mean time, we have one more thing about back-story that we need to cover. Imagine this with me:


For those of you who's characters are originally from 2011 (Blaine Anderson, Sam Evans, Mercedes Jones, Santana Lopez...), your characters arrived in 1956 this past Monday. How they arrived and when precisely is your choice. Although, no matter what they would have fallen asleep in 2011 and awakened in 1956, the rest is up to you!

Here in this post will be comments with each characters name. Underneath it, we ask that you give us a brief description of how and when your character arrived in 1956. (Did they wake up in bed, only to go downstairs to find it was a different era? Did they wake up from a nap in their car at the mall only to find that now it's the local make-out spot? You decide).

We also ask that you describe your characters living situation in 1956 and how it differs from 2011. (Were Santana's parents divorced and they're now happily together? Did Mercedes' dad have a high-paying job only to now be forced into menial work?). You get the picture.

For characters originally from 1956, you're more than welcome to also post here with your characters name and a current family description if you like though it's not required.

Basically this is a way to know how your character arrived, what their living situation is now like and to set up a little background before the game begins and the school year starts. Don't forget, classes at McKinley high (where all students attend in this AU) begin Monday, August 22nd at 9am.

Think on their history's and reply to the post here with your characters name as the subject and the rest as the comments body. This doesn't have to be finished before the game goes live as I know we have many players in different timezones, but I would ask that everyone have posted here by Monday.

If anyone has questions feel free to PM the mod account, hit one of us up on AIM or email the mods at tbtd-mods@gmail.com

Thank you all and I look forward to playing with everyone very soon!
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