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♪ Available Characters for That'll Be the Day ♫

Available Characters


To place a hold, comment with the character you would like held. You should receive a confirmation as soon as one of the mods is able to get to it.

Holds last for 1 day with an available extension of 1 day. 1 additional extension (aside from your first extension) are allowed/ is only allowed so long as no other holds have been placed on this character.

If a character is marked 'in processing' this indicates that the moderators have received an application but have yet to make a decision about it or are in the process of adding the character to the community.


Challenges to holds are not allowed.


If your application is rejected, you're free to re-apply for this character/ apply for a different character and/or inquire why your application was rejected by sending us a PM. If you're asked for a re-write, you'll be asked to elaborate on certain areas because the mod was undecided and wants a better feel of your character before making a decision. Re-writes are treated as holds (comment with the character you want held below to confirm you'd like to try a re-write). Re-writes are not allowed extensions.


Original characters are not allowed at this point in the game.


Additionally, characters must be created as close to canon as possible. However, we understand that the differences in the time period will allow for some changes. That's okay and a little artistic license is welcomed. 


This RP does not hold PBs.


*Astericks* indicate a character has past history and a mod should be contacted about said history.
Bold characters are held.
Strike-outs indicate an application is in processing.

Available Characters
Present (2011)
Past (1956)
Matt Rutherford

Artie Abrams (rock 'n roller, square)
Mike Chang (greaser)
Tina Cohen-Chang (beatnik)

Quinn Fabray (cheerleader)
Dave Karofsky* (football)

Harmony (square)
Nick Duval
Sugar Motta

*As noted on our application, all character era and affiliations (such as 'cheerleader' or 'greaser' are subject to change. These are simply where we think each character would be best suited. If you provide a good application and explanation as to why they should be something other than what we've marked, then we will happily reconsider. There are only a select number (5) of 'Present Day' spots however, so bear that in mind.*

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